Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review: Perfect Pigment (Christina Cosmetics)

Well, I think I cursed myself. I said I was loving it, but wanted to give it a fair trial before reviewing, " case I had a reaction or something."

Yeah. Had a reaction or something.

I am uber-impressed with the coverage and ease of use (and the brush!), but it seems to make my face itch. It could be worse -- there's no rash, hives, or anything like that -- but it's annoying to the point where I'm discontinuing use, until I make sure that's why I'm itching.

I'm thinking it's whatever they use to press the minerals into the compact.

So, yeah. I would recommend it, but with a word of caution to check the ingredient list before ordering, just in case you're sensitive to something. I'll take a look myself, and list the stuff here. I need to figure out what it is, to avoid the additive in the future.

Coverage: 4/5 (better than most mineral brands!)
Matching/blending: 4/5
Packaging: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5

I adore the brush, concealer, and lipgloss that come with the kit. And the fact that the compact is foundation, blush, and bronzer/contour in one. Good times!


  1. I haven't tried this line yet, but am very interested after seeing the infomercial and seeing the before/afters.

    Have you tried Bareminerals? The reason I ask is because my mom swears by it and bought me a kit for Christmas one year. I loved the way it looked but experienced the same issue you are having with ChristinaCosmetics.

    I'm a Nurse and work in an inpatient Hospital setting and at times am running around so much I start sweating, and tend to sweat very easily in general. I noticed that once I started to sweat (at all) I felt the itching begin (with the Bminerals). I think it has something to do with the fact that your pours open up when you sweat and all that powder seeps into your skin.... I dont consider myself to have especially "sensitive skin" as Ive never really had that issue before with liquid foundation.

    I guess my question is, did you notice the itching when you were warm, hot, or sweating? Or was it as the day went on or immediate?

    My usual routine is to conceal my undereyes and follow with an "all day" liquid foundation, and then go "all over" that with a powder (or different color powders) to 'set' the foundation and get the same look or effect as the perfect pigment or bareminerals.

    While watching the infomercial for this, that is my only conern in ordering it, since I had this reaction with Bareminerals.

    Very interested to kno if you've tried the Bminerals and if you had the same reaction to see if there's some kind of "allergy" or "sensitivity" to Minerals or loose powder foundations in general, or what the 'trigger' may be to the itching.

    I reallllllllllllly hope that this line doesnt have that reaction with me as I LOVE the idea of a simple compact... I hate having to take a mini-makeup bag when heading out dancing for the night and just want to touchup after workin up a little sweat on the dancefloor. This seems like a PERFECT cure to stuffing 5 products in my purse, but dont want to waste my money:( I guess its worth a try as they claim there is a 60day trial. Let me know. Good luck and looking forward to hearing your or anyone else's response!

  2. I had the same problem with Bare minerals and after doing some research i found out that what was causing the irritation was an ingredient in it called "bismuth oxychloride". This is a filler often used in cosmetics. I looked up the ingredients in perfect pigments and that too has this ingredient. If this has caused irritation i would suggest to stay away from cosmetics that use this ingredient.

  3. I had the same problem with Bare Minerals. I switched to Everyday Minerals. Skin glows and I have no reaction to it. I get compliments all the time. You can buy small sample sizes at a great price.